TH true MILK nguyên chất

Milk is a reservoir of nutrients and thus it becomes of prime importance to consume it on a daily basis, so that the body gets the essential nutrients required by the body. Well, nothing in this world is perfect, same holds true for milk too. But taking into consideration milk nutrition facts, it can definitely be said that milk is next to perfect food. Read further to explore milk nutrition information…

Milk forms an important component of our daily balanced diet. It serves as an excellent source of calcium that makes our bones and teeth strong. It would be appropriate to comment that it is practically impossible to meet body calcium requirements, without the consumption of milk and other dairy products.

Not only is milk a fabulous source of calcium, but also it provides the body with high quality proteins that contain the essential amino acids, which the body is incapable of producing by itself. Well, the versatility of milk is not yet over. Milk also helps in meeting the body's requirement for vitamins. One glass of milk contributes about 44% to our daily-recommended vitamins intake. So, make it a part of your routine to drink milk everyday, so as to promote your health fitness.